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We the living have a good lot pot things to do with granite the colossus among stones.

The driveway paying,that is tyre-friendly.The colorful frontage,that makes you smile at the end of a long tired day.The cool tiles you step on ,when you take off your shoes and socks.The hot shower that leaves droplets of water on the glossy dadooing.The kitchen platform ,that makes cooking pleasure and the dinning tabletop that makes eating a feast.

We,at SREE RAGHAVENDRA ENTERPRISES GROUP,submit that we contribute our mite in making these simple pleasures possible with our exquisite and rare quality rough turrent blocks.

That....Was a mouument to a"dear department".

The rare varieties that comes from our quarries are not only exported in bulk form but are also processed into Monuments and other finished items for interior and exterior decor.

Our exports go as far as France,Italy,Germany,Spain,Holland and Belgium in the west and to China,Taiwan and Japan in the east.

We take pride,in that fact that we have more than two decades of experience in the industry.The knowledge gained nad skill developed over this long period of time have,given us the expertise to exploit and process a range of granites that are in class of their own.We own,quarries taht produce these rare varities,peppered across the country.The quarries the processing unit are equipped with top of line machinery.

We belive in being organized,efficiency and focused on our customer's needs.Our obession for quality keeps us a jump ahead of others.

The CORNERSTONE as it were,of the group is Sri.N.S.N.Reddy,who has an experience of over a score of year in the granite industry.

All in all,we shall make sure that you will not take the ordinary.

While thanking you for your valued custom,we look forward to your continued support.

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